Sky Travel is an airline company and operates under the rules established by the Civil Aviation Agency of Georgia and ICAO, taking into account the specifics of flights on hot air balloons.


  1. Flights on hot air balloons are performed at any time of the year in Georgia. In the spring, summer and autumn flights are performed in the early morning and evening hours. This is due to specific weather conditions that limit flights at other times of the day. In winter, flights are performed at any time of the day. 
  2. The performance on hot air balloons also depends on the weather conditions. A stormy front, precipitation, dense clouds, limiting visibility, high speed of surface wind can be the reasons for flight cancellation.
  3. As a rule, the preliminary weather forecast is made 2-3 days before the flight date, the updated forecast - 24 hours before. The airline company informs passengers about it. The final decision on the flight is taken by the commander of the aircraft at the launch site.
  4. The balloon is in flight for about 40 minutes (depends on the speed of the wind), but the whole process: preparation for the start, briefing, flight itself, landing, ceremony of initiation into aeronauts, takes 3-3.5 hours.


  1. Before the start, the pilot conducts the instruction of passengers on the rules of conduct on board of the aircraft. Pre-flight instructions and directions of the pilot during the flight are mandatory for execution.
  2. Clothes of passengers can be of any kind. However, it should be understood that narrow long dresses and high-heeled shoes for women, as well as shorts and open sandals, etc. can create discomfort when boarding in the aircraft basket, as well as after landing in an open field. Optimal clothing for men and women are pants, sports shoes, the top any. When choosing clothes for flight, you should know that the air temperature at a height will not differ from the temperature on the ground.
  3. There are not allowed large bags, heavy backpacks, and other bulky luggage on the board.
  4. Smoking is prohibited during the flight.
  5. Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs, also the persons behaving aggressively are not admitted on a board. 
  6. Children are allowed on board from the age of 6 years. However, it should be taken into account that their height should exceed 130 cm, otherwise, given the height of the side of the basket - 120 cm, they will not be able to see anything. The decision on the participation of children in flight is made by the parents, they are also responsible for the children on board of the aircraft.
  7. Passengers are responsible for the safety of their personal belongings during the flight and after landing.



  1.  The cost of flights on various types of aircrafts is published as a price list on the Sky Travel’s website ( The price list is the official document of the airline company.
  2. Sale of flights is carried out on 100% advance payment.
  3. The airline company has the right to change the price list at its discretion.
  4. The airline company does not have the right to increase the cost of flights for which it has already received an advance payment.
  5. In case of flight cancellation due to unfavorable weather conditions, its performance may be postponed to a different date as agreed with the passengers.
    1.  In case if passengers do not agree with the transfer of the flight date or do not have such an opportunity, the airline company returns to them the money received for the flight in full.
    2.  The money is returned within one working day from the date of receipt of passenger's application.
  6. Passengers have the right to apply to the airline company with a request to cancel their participation in the flight or change its date.
    1. If the passengers provide these applications within a period of not less than 10 days before the scheduled flight, in the first case the amount paid by the passengers is returned to them in full, in the second - the date is changed (in the presence of free seats and flight weather) without penalty.
    2.  If passengers apply with such applications within a period of less than 10 days before the scheduled flight, the penalties in the first and second cases are 10% of the cost of the flight.
    3.  To the passengers who have announced that they have canceled their participation in the flight less than 2 days before the scheduled date or have not appeared on the flight, the money will not be returned and the flight date will not be changed.
  7. Passengers who came for a flight under the influence of alcohol or drugs or are behaving aggressively, are withdrawn from participation in the flight. The money received from them is not returned.


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