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Is Georgia suitable for Hot Air Ballooning?

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Is Georgia suitable for Hot Air Ballooning? probably the answer is yes. Georgia, the land of unlimited wonders, a world of traditional dancing and singing with a wealth of attractions, welcomes thousands of tourists annually from every corner of the world. You can enjoy many entertaining activities in Georgia.

Hot air balloon riding is one of those amazing activities, the pleasure of which is incomparable to any other feeling. The feeling of floating through the sky as the gentle wind directs your movement is indescribable. You can experience this pleasant feeling in many locations all over the world. Nevertheless, we would like to have a look at Georgia to understand why it is suitable for hot air ballooning.

The Location of

You can have the most fascinating experience of being suspended between the earth and the sky in two regions of Georgia, the “Mukhrani Valley” and the “Alazani Valley”. One of the reasons behind our recommendation for choosing Georgia as the locale for this experience is the extraordinary location of the regions in which hot air ballooning is done.

The Scenery

perepering for hot air balloon ride

 Mukhrani Valley

The Mukhrani Valley is located near Tbilisi. If after exploring every street and district of this dazzling and mysterious city, you were still thirsting for more, head towards Mukhrani.

As the balloon is gaining altitude, one can easily see the Kakheti region from a completely new perspective.

 Alazani Valley

Alazani Valley is situated in the southern slopes of the Caucasus Mountain Range. It is one of the best locations for hot air ballooning throughout the 12 mounts of the year. The vast expanse of this region is extended to 100 kilometers. Therefore, tourists can fill their hearts with the joy of flying without concerns over passing through the right area.

The Security

Despite not being engine-driven like any other aircraft, the balloons are under control and supervision. The pilots of these aircraft are checked regularly in predetermined periods. Furthermore, all the pilots who enliven the sense of flying for the passengers have a GCAA certificate, which is an international permit.

Almost all people and children aged six and above can try a hot air balloon ride and enjoy the coolness of the air from the 50 meters above altitude with utmost convenience. Only pregnant women are barred from flying. Because they may get hurt if there was the possibility of bumpy landings.

The Commitment of the Flight Crew

The climate can be forecast using the various weather satellites around the earth. However, these forecasts may not always be correct. Some passengers may plan in advance and book their ride for a certain day but fail to fly. If hot air ballooning is not possible for the tourists due to climatic and security reasons, the cost of their booking will be fully refunded. In addition, if it was convenient for them, tourists can subsequently make another booking for the earliest time available.

Weather Conditions

Georgia enjoys sunny weather for more than 260 days each year, which is a very suitable condition for hot air ballooning. Even so, tourists can enjoy a hot air balloon ride at any time within the 12 months of the year, whenever they visit Georgia.

Balloon ride with Ease of Mind

You will fly through the sky for 40 minutes. Since there are no barriers along the way of the balloons, they will fly for 4 to 20 kilometers depending on the speed of the wind.Parts of this exciting entertainment are quiet, meaning that there are not roads, streets, or cars driving about.

happy customer hot air balloon ride in georgia

An Individual or a Group Experience

Whether you are an adventurous person who would like to live the world from different angles or you are a happy group, you can realize the new meaning of delight by hot air balloon ride in Georgia.

The balloons can carry 2 to 24 passengers. If you would like to enjoy the silence in the sky away from the tumult, just hop on the balloon with the pilot and soar through the sky. In addition, you can have a cheery experience in the sky by getting off the ground with your friends and family and celebrate above the clouds.

A Pleasant Ending balloon ride

At the end of your adventures, you get off the balloon and participate in the feast that has been prepared for you. Enjoy a glass of champagne and then accept your diploma with pride.

Our Final Word

Every step in Georgia is ripe with the sheer sense of touch and mysterious history to discover. From walking on the shores of the Black Sea to witnessing the historical buildings, from water entertainments to flight in the endless sky, these are just parts of the dreamy moments you may create in Georgia. If after all that you were still seeking something more magnificent, hot air ballooning is one of those unrepeatable experiences.