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About Georgia

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About Georgia

Georgia is a country in the eastern shore of the Black Sea. It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The Georgian legends claim that Georgia is the one, last, precious piece of land gifted by God to its people. There are numerous Georgian legends in this respect, one of which states that when God distributed earth’s lands between humans, Georgians were gathering at the party and gained no land. When they realized that they had given no lands, they went to God and asked him to give them lands, but God did not accept it. Then, they invited God to their party, and God accepted their invitation. God became so happy with the Georgians’ hospitality that he decided to gift them the land that he had kept for himself. Georgia is full of peace, fertility, gentry, and security. These are claimed to be valuable gifts from God to the kind and generous people of Georgia.

The best Georgia balloon rides

For the once-in-a-lifetime type of experience, why not enjoy a non-traditional picnic from a hot air balloon? With the advancement of science and technology today, the dream of flying is no longer inaccessible and unbelievable, and has many ways and is made possible by the use of airplanes, balloons, kits and other means of flight. If you wander around all of Georgia, it’s still a pleasure to watch from the top of the sky. The best Georgia balloon rides over this legendary country would be a pleasant experience. In Georgia, balloon flights mostly take place in the Alazani Valley, an ancient cultural center and the home of Georgian winemaking. You would definitely like to experience one of the best Georgia balloon rides. After boarding and separating from the earth, you slowly head towards the sky and approach the clouds. You can now enjoy the scenery beneath your feet and soaring slowly and touch the clouds. As you float beneath the clouds and next to the hawks indigenous to the area, you will be able to take a look at the majestic mountains from above, mighty rivers, vast timberland forests. These balloons have a capacity of two to twenty-four people. Therefore you can record this amazing Georgia balloon experience with your friends and family. The peak season of the best Georgia balloon rides begins in mid-April when stable warm weather is established and will last until the end of October. But if the weather is good we would fly in winter too.
Georgia’s climate
There is a famous rosary in Adjara, where different plants are collected from different places in the world to be raised. In the rosary, Australian plants are grown alongside African and American plants. This proves that the climate of Georgia is special.


Tbilisi is a beautiful and historical city. Known as the bride of the Middle East and Caucasia, it is the capital of Georgia. There are amazing parks in Tbilisi. A river passes through Tbilisi, offering it an excellent landscape. Tbilisi comes from Tbilisi, which means warm (referring to the warm water of Tbilisi).

Tourism attractions of Tbilisi

In Tbilisi, a diverse combination of beautiful architecture, permanently-live arts, cultural scenes, and close and warm lives of Georgians can be seen. Different modern cafes and restaurants serve very delicious foods. Modern residences host tourists, including hostel for backpackers to international five-star hotels. Cafes, clubs, historical museums, beautiful galleries, parks, plazas, beautiful squares and streets, a modern transportation system, and modern-day architecture amazing eyes are combined in Tbilisi. The tourism facilities of Tbilisi have been present for more than a decade.

Acrophobia (Fear of heights)

some people have a problem with height fear. But there’s nothing to worry about. Balloon flights are just as safe as flying on a plane. Technically, the balloon is designed very simply, there is nothing that can go wrong about it.